As a member of the Free Access to Law Movement , SAFLII continuously seeks out opportunities to collaborate and partner with other organizations in its efforts to grow its collections and increase access to legal information.

Below are some of the organisations that SAFLII has current or historical links to, and we invite every opportunity that will help us continue to increase free access to law in South Africa.



AKOMA NTOSO ("Architecture for Knowledge-Oriented Management of African Normative Texts using Open Standards and Ontologies") defines a “machine readable” set of simple technology-neutral representations (XML) of parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents.

AKOMA NTOSO XML schema make “accessible” structure and semantic components of digital documents supporting the creation of high value information services to deliver the power of ICTs to support efficiency and accountability in the parliamentary, legislative and judiciary contexts.

AKOMA NTOSO is an initiative of "Africa i-Parliament Action Plan".

Center for Human Rights -Logo

The Centre for Human Rights of the Faculty of Law of the University of Pretoria focuses primarily on human rights law in Africa. Highlights in its history since the Centre was established in 1986 include the involvement of members of the Centre in the writing of the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the contribution the Centre has made to legal education in respect of human rights on the continent through its academic programmes and research outputs. Members of the Centre have served as consultants on human rights issues to a range of institutions, including the Organisation of African Unity/African Union, NEPAD, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the South African Human Rights Commission.The Centre has been awarded the 2006 UNESCO Prize for Human Rights Education.

Kenya Law Reports -Logo

Kenya Law Reports is published by the National Council for Law Reporting which is a corporate body established by the National Council for Law Reporting Act, 1994. It is given the exclusive mandate of the: "publication of the reports to be known as the Kenya Law Reports which shall contain judgments, rulings and opinions of the superior courts of record, and also undertake such other publications as in the opinion of the Council are reasonably related to or connected with the preparation and publication of the Kenya Law Reports"

LegalBrief -Logo

Legalbrief is a specialist news service provider that compiles a series of electronic newsletters geared for a variety of professional niche markets.

Legalbrief's rationale is that the information explosion has paradoxically made it more difficult for professionals to be adequately informed in their field, since to do so is to wade through the ever-increasing mass of information that is available in both print and electronic media. The company provides value-add by using its intellectual capital to mine this load of information for the nuggets that provide its clients with succinct daily, weekly or bi-weekly summary of developments in their profession, with access to the full source material for further reading, if necessary.

SAJC logo

The Southern African Chief Justices Forum was set up to provide a platform for Chief Justices and other members of the Judiciary in the Southern and Eastern African Regions to interact and promote judicial independence, human rights, the rule of law, democracy, other matters of common interest and the publication of judgments of their superior courts on the internet


SAFLII is proud to be a source of judgments for GilesFiles, an exceptional online resource for work law.

The Index of Work Law (formerly known as the Giles eFiles) captures, retains and maintains a categorised listing of the latest developments in work law in on-line, reported and unreported judgments and  journal articles.   Due to the profusion of awards only the most important awards are included. The Index of Work Law includes judgments and awards delivered from about 2003 to date, together with related journal articles.